We are a specialty home goods storefront and workshop combo located in Nashville, Tennessee.  We offer quality, hand painted furniture, specialty paints for your inner DIYer including our very own line of specialty paints in both glossy and chalked finishes, and unique one of a kind furnishings.  We believe in providing you with items and supplies to help you create a beautiful home and achieve the look you want without breaking the bank.    
   Southern Honey Paint is our line of premium furniture paint.  This is not the homemade stuff you see on Pinterest and is priced significantly lower than the competitors.  With our paint there is no need for any prep work meaning no sanding or priming.  It has excellent adhesion to virtually any surface, finished wood, bare wood, glass, brass, metal, plastic, and the list goes on.  If you've tried the other brands, give ours a try and use the money you save to buy more pieces to paint!